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Are Bulk Liquid Containers Easy to Transport?

Bulk liquid containers continue to grow in industrial markets throughout the country.  A big reason for this growth is the ease of transport and handling.  Rather than moving steel drums by hand or 4 drums on 1 skid, a forklift can move 275 gallons all at once.  This makes for easier tracking, handling, storage, and transport both by the manufacturer and the consumer of the bulk liquid containers.

bulk liquid containersEZ-SET Bulk LIquid Containers Stacked Saving Warehouse Space

Ease of handling and as shown above the ability to stack 3 units of 275 gallons each is equal to 4 skids worth of 55 gallon drums.  Taking up less warehouse space is very important these days as all manufacturers are looking for savings in production and warehouse space.  The ability to stack high and be stored completely flat when empty gives bulk liquid containers a huge competitive edge over 55 gallon drums.

corrugated bulk liquid containersEZ-SET Bulk Liquid Totes Arrive Flat Saving Freight and Warehouse Space

Since the EZ-SET bulk liquid containers are made from recyclable materials, the bulk totes are environmentally friendly for both processors of bulk liquids and the consumer.  Using renewable resources in cardboard and polyethylene insure lowering your carbon footprint and meeting responsible packaging goals for your company.  Contact Paper Systems today to find out how we can help you meet those goals today and for the future.

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