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How can I eliminate food storage buckets for shipping?

food storage bucketsQuicker filling achieved by disposable liquid totes vs 5 gallon buckets

Storage buckets most common size is five gallon.  Liquid food items are frequently shipped in the five gallon buckets.  Items shipped include pear slices, cooking oils, sauces, and dressings just to name a few.  For larger users, disposable totes would eliminate labor used in handling compared to the labor used in handling the 5 gallon buckets.  There are many reason why disposable totes are better than food storage buckets.  We will list a few below.

Less Buckets to Handle 

Since food storage buckets only hold five gallons, you need many of them to transport your products. One disposable liquid storage tote holds 55 of the five gallon food storage buckets. 

Liquid Bulk Containers are Easier to Track

Using five-gallon buckets makes for lots of paperwork by your staff.  You have to track every bucket. You can reduce the amount of food storage buckets you track by using a larger liquid bulk container.

Paper Systems listens to your specific needs to help you find the right food safe containers for your product. All our food grade plastics are made from FDA approved raw materials.  Inner liners are dairy certified and kosher approved.  Our bulk packaging is clean and ready for a wide variety of food grade uses. 

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