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How disposable liquid totes help producers ship LTL freight?

Disposable liquid tote for bulk liquidsDisposable Liquid Tote Easily Assembled

Sometimes manufactures need to ship less than a full truck loads of freight to remote destinations or smaller customers. This can be costly because a smaller shipment must go LTL (less than truck load).  LTL means less efficiency than a full load. Since liquid disposable totes are shipped on a single skid, it opens a lot of shipping options—even to remote locations or frequent stops for carriers.

One Way Disposable Totes

Round trips help all LTL carriers move freight as their goal is to always be loaded in every direction they are traveling. If you are using reusable containers, there will always be an portion of the trip for the LTL shipper to return the empty liquid tote containers back to the manufacturer.  This requires either another truck needing  to pick up in the remote location or the delivery truck has to wait until the bulk liquid containers are empty which leads to costly waiting fees. With disposable liquid totes, there’s no need for an LTL carrier to have a drive wait to pick up empty IBC containers. All you need is one truck to drop the disposable totes off and then the ltl truck is off to their next stop without delay or additional waiting charges.  Further benefits for the LTL shippers come in the form of ease of tracking.  Since a liquid bulk tote carries more product than a 55 gallon drum, a driver or terminal can track the shipment easier as it is less pieces to keep track of in their terminals and trucks.  This leads to less effort and less chance of product being lost between LTL terminals and trailer exchanges.

The people packaging, using, or selling your product can either throw away or recycle the liquid disposable totes after they are done.  The the liquid bulk containers are completely recyclable since only non hazardous materials are transported making disposal clean and simple for all involved.

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