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How do disposable totes compare to 55 gallon drums?

Disposable totes for bulk liquidDisposable Totes Save Space

Disposable totes are a type of liquid shipping container. Inside a cardboard box is a food grade, plastic liquid liner made of a food grade polyethylene blend protecting the liquid and insuring safe transport. These types of liquid bulk totes transport non-hazardous products and are used only once before they are recycled.

55 gallon drums can be used multiple times.  Barrels have to be cleaned after each use before another batch of material can be packaged. They also need to be shipped back to their original location.  The empty trip involves return freight and an added freight cost. The 55 gallon drums take up warehouse space to wait for the next truck.  Drums sit and wait taking up valuable warehouse space.  This delay can be days or even several weeks to have enough empty 55 gallon drums staged to make it worthwhile for a truck to pick up the empty shipment of drums.  Once the drums are returned, further down time results in waiting until the barrels are cleaned to be filled with the next batch of product.  

More Volume Can Fit in a Disposable Tote

Paper Systems’ disposable liquid storage totes range from 110 to 330 gallons. This means one liquid bulk container can hold a volume equal of two, four, five, or six 55 gallon drums.   This liquid bulk container allows for a larger volume of product made.  The bulk liquid containers save considerable warehouse space both by the manufacturer and by the end user.  

Quicker Loading and Unloading

More liquid fits into each disposable liquid tote.  This means more product can be loaded and unloaded from a truck in less time.   A forklift can load more trucks in a given day from your plant moving more product on less pallets.  For example, 22 skids of drums fit on a truck, that means 22 trips with your forklift into the trailer.  EZ-SET can maximize truck weight by only using 15 or 18 disposable totes which means you just loaded your trailer in 20%  to 32% less time.  Quicker turnaround on trucks being loaded means faster service to your customers which helps lead to higher customer satisfaction as well.

More Product Can Fit in a Liquid Bulk Tote

Four of the 55 gallon drums can fit on a single pallet. In comparison, only one disposable tote fits on a single pallet. So if you have one 330 gallon liquid tote that is equal to 1.5 pallets worth of 55 gallon drums (6 drums).  This will save loading time, unloading time, storage space, and less wear and tear on equipment.  This also means not having to load as many pallets to fill out a truck load shipment by using liquid bulk totes.

Faster Filling and Reduced Handling by Disposable Totes

Since you have more capacity per unit, draining the disposable totes is quicker than 55 gallon barrels. Time is saved by not having to switch units as often or clean equipment between drain cycles. A liquid bulk tote eliminates restarting multiple cycles during the draining process so you save up to 83% in changeover compared to 55 gallon drums, kegs, or pails. Tracking of batch lots is easier to manage in liquid bulk totes for quality control of raw material in storage and in process. 

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