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How do palletized shipments reduce workplace injuries?

liquid storage totes are safer to move than 55 gallon drumsLiquid storage totes save on worker injuries

Palletized shipments are shipments that are placed on pallets. Since workers use a forklift instead of rolling containers on and off a skid, liquid storage totes are on pallets and help reduce injuries. This reduces the amount of claims to worker compensation injuries, reduces employee downtime, and avoids costly losses to productivity due to worker injury. That should also help keep valuable workers because a safe, effective work environment is better for everyone. By having all of your liquid totes go out as palletized shipments, it keeps your production at a high level.  

Check out our liquid storage totes for further details of safe transport and storage solutions.  All of our disposable totes are palletized freight for ease of loading and unloading.  No more bending over to lift or tip steel drums.  Rolling drums on and off pallets, trucks or docks by hand is a sure way for an accident.  Crushed hands, feet and back injuries are all too common in this situation.  Keep your team safe by using liquid disposable totes.

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