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Liquid Totes for Transport and Storage

Using liquid totes for transport and storage is important for companies today.  These companies are looking for solutions that solve problems for their transport and storage needs.  Liquid totes have many benefits.

1. EZ-SET 275 gallon liquid totes save inbound freight.  Having a lighter tare weight compared to drums or other traditional packaging leads to lower inbound freight cost.  This helps improve profits for the company.  Arriving collapsed flat allows the liquid totes to have 312 units shipped on an inbound truck load.  Compare this to only 104 quantity of 55 gallon drums which leads to a 93% space to shipping volume savings.  This is a huge improvement for inbound freight savings as all companies continue to lower their carbon footprint on all things associated with freight. 

liquid totes for bulk shipmentsEZ-SET Liquid Totes Arrive Flat for Significant Warehouse Space Savings

2. The bulk totes save warehouse space.  As the collapsed liquid tote shows you above a compact design leads to warehouse space savings.  14 empty units of the 275 gallon EZ-SET bulk container system fit in the same space as 8 drums sitting on 2 skids side by side.  Warehouse space is at a constant premium and the more space saved means the more efficient the operation can become.

3. The bulk liquid totes save storage space for finished product.  In the space of 3 liquid totes stacked in a warehouse it would take 4 skids of drums to equal the same amount of finished product.  This helps warehouse staff to move more product with less work involved.  The bulk liquid packaging takes up less space when filled saving even more warehouse space.

bulk container systemEZ-SET Liquid Totes Filled and Saving Space in a Warehouse

4. Transport costs are maximized by higher product to packaging weight ratio.  The liquid totes made by Paper Systems are lighter tare weight than drums or other traditional bulk packaging.  This means you ship more product per truck and less packaging.  Bottom line is your freight dollars goes more toward moving product and not being lost on heavy packaging.

bulk liquid totesEZ-SET Liquid Tote Ready to Ship

5. Tracking of product easier in liquid totes.  When you packaging liquid totes your tracking of the raw material becomes easier as you are labeling less compared to 55 gallon drums.  By labeling less drums, your production staff's time is free to do other activities and increase overall output on a given day.

When you add up all the benefits, liquid totes can bring significant savings in many areas to your operation.  This can lead to capturing new business, keeping existing business, and making your overall operation more efficient.  Call today for more details at 1-800-342-2855.  

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