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Meet the EXO-BIN — the perfect intermediate bulk container for liquids or dry...

What advantages do bulk liquid containers have over storage tanks?

Disadvantages of Storage Tanks

bulk liquid containers for a variety of liquidsBulk liquid containers ready and stored

Storage tanks, such as a large silo are fixed in place.  A tank tower needs to be refilled by a tanker truck or rail car. This limits your possible factory location because it needs to be near the railroad or major road for loading. 

Also, the storage tank needs to be cleaned and inspected regularly. When the tank needs to be cleaned or inspected, the product in the tank needs to be stored elsewhere. 

Advantages of Bulk Liquid Containers

With liquid storage totes, your warehouse can be located wherever business needs are best suited. You eliminate the money you have to pay for a costly storage tank.  Moreover, you do not have to clean or disinfect a storage tank or plastic liquid container, which limits maintenance. Disposal is easier than handling barrels.  Less material has to be recycled than plastic liquid totes when compared to EZ-SET and our other tote solutions.

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