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What are the advantages of liquid disposable totes over ISO tanks?

liquid disposable tote ready to shipBulk liquid container ready to ship

Liquid totes are a type of disposable bulk container that hold a bag made up off a polyethylene blend liner inside a cardboard box. They are used for transporting non-hazardous products. In contrast, ISO tanks are reusable steel tanks that are designed to carry hazardous and non-hazardous materials. They are in the shape of horizontal cylinders and have an external framework for a box for ocean shipments. Although ISO tanks are reusable, liquid disposable totes are more convenient and environmentally friendly.

Size Comparison of ISO Tanks and Liquid Totes

  • ISO tanks hold the equivalent volume of 5,000 gallons. 
  • Paper Systems offers disposable liquid storage totes ranging from 110-330 gallons.

Reusable ISO Tanks vs. Disposable Liquid Totes

Since ISO tanks are reusable, these tanks need to be thoroughly sterilized and cleaned before a new product is placed inside. Once cleaned, ISO tanks must be tested to ensure they are completely clean. Disposable liquid containers always have clean, food grade liners insuring the customer of a clean environment with extra costs of verification.

Possibility of Contamination is Higher in ISO Tanks

Since our liquid storage containers are single use, they are less likely to cause contamination. This ensures better quality or purity of product than an ISO tank.

Repackaging for Distribution is Unnecessary in Liquid Totes

ISO tanks slow the overall logistics chain compared to disposable totes. Because ISO tanks need to be reused, contents need to be emptied and frequently repackaged for distribution. Our disposable liquid transport containers come ready for distribution.

Specialized vs. Standardized Equipment for Easier Transportation

ISO tanks need additional standardized equipment in trucks to safely secure and transport the equipment. In contrast, standard trucks can transport liquid disposable totes because they are do not need standardized equipment. 

Environmentally Friendly 

Disposable totes are more environmentally friendly than ISO tanks. The bag liner and cardboard exterior are each recyclable. And, unlike ISO tanks, you do not need to use extra gas and equipment to ship the empty ISO tank back to their original location.

Paper Systems is one of the few companies in North America that have achieved a BRC certification (British Retail Consortium) for liquid disposable totes under the Global Food Safety Initiatives. We help you find the right bag-in-box solution for your products. 

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