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What are Corrugated Disposable Totes?

Many companies try to search out packaging solutions.  One growing solution for industrial markets is through the use of corrugated disposable totes.  What exact does corrugated disposable totes refer to, let take a deeper look into this innovative industrial packaging solution.

First of all, the design behind corrugated disposable totes is far more complicated than it appears on the surface.  The liquid hydraulics involved to safely transport 275 gallon or 330 gallons of bulk liquid is a big challenge.  The corrugated disposable tote solution needs to strong, safe, ease of use, clean, and economical.  All these factors combined must be met to insure a successful package for industrial markets.

How is the EZ-SET corrugated disposable tote strong?  The EZ-SET liquid bulk container gets its superior strength and stacking from the 8 layers of corrugated sidewall which gives the hydraulic strength as well as stacking strength.

Corrugated disposable tote stacked 3 high

What makes EZ-SET corrugated disposable totes safe?  Over 30 years of field experience and having exceeding all testing for non hazardous liquids makes EZ-SET very safe for transport or storage of your liquid products.

Bulk liquid packaging is easy to useOne person can assemble EZ-SET easily and quickly

What makes EZ-SET corrugated liquid bulk totes easy to use?  One person with one minute assembly makes the disposable corrugated tote easy to use.  Combine the ability of filling 275 gallons all at once rather than drums makes it faster as well.

What makes the EZ-SET liquid bulk container clean?  All the liners are food grade and not been recycled or had to been cleaned like drums or returnable totes.

corrugated liquid totes are cleanFood grade bag liners make packaging fast and clean

What makes the EZ-SET bulk liquid container economical?  We use the most efficient production techniques and use the latest technology to insure of producing economical solutions for our customers.