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What are food grade plastics?

food grade polyethylene liners for bulk transportFood grade tote with food grade polyethylene liner

Food grade plastics are those suitable for food grade use. Everyone consumes food and beverages from food grade plastics.  these materials are held to a much higher purity standard than other forms of plastic. It cannot contain harmful dyes or additives. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration develops regulations, protocols, and standards used to classify plastics as food grade. 

Food grade plastic liners use a variety of blends of food grade resins.  Some resins feature a high oxygen barrier or moisture barrier.  This barrier helps keep the liquid food from spoiling. The barrier is designed for the type of consumable product it will contain. For example, wine bags need specialized film that has a high oxygen barrier to keep the wine from spoiling.

Some food grade plastics are irradiated to stop any risk of contamination.  This process makes the inside of the liner of a food grade tote completely sterile. Some industries require their disposable totes liners to be irradiated. But not every industry’s product needs to have the inside sterilized. Some customers may only need a food grade plastic liner that is BRC compliant for standard food grade applications.

Paper Systems finds out your specific needs to help you find the right food grade liner for your product. All our food grade plastics are USDA food grade, IMS diary certified, kosher approved, clean, and ready for a wide variety of food grade uses. 

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