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What are IBC totes dimensions?

IBC liquid tote sizesEasy assembly of the disposable bulk container

Liquid storage totes are a type of disposable bulk container which are used to transport non-hazardous products. They hold a specialty liquid liner made of a polyethylene blend of food grade plastic commonly referred to as a bulk container liner inside a cardboard box. 

Depending on the box size, liquid bulk totes can fit on a variety of pallet sizes. The most popular size fit is on a 48x40 pallet—the most common GMA pallet size.

IBC tote sizes:

View all our liquid bulk totes including EZ-SET, EZ-BULK, and EXO-BIN.  With such a variety of intermediate bulk container solutions, we can find your solution for your application.  Just check out all of our IBC tote dimensions and you will find the right fit.