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EXO-BIN® Returnable Liquid Bin

Meet the EXO-BIN — the perfect intermediate bulk container for liquids or dry...

What are Plastic Storage Containers?

Plastic storage containers offer a wide range of benefits for industrial applications.  This type of shipping tote is waterproof and will allow for multiple trips.   This type of bulk liquid packaging is ideal for transport between customer and shipper making daily or weekly deliveries.  The repeat deliveries allows for the empty liquid bulk totes to be returned on the same truck that delivered a fresh batch of filled bulk totes to keep production running smoothly.  We are highlighting briefly below the benefits of plastic liquid totes for the bulk shipment of liquids.  

Each plastic bulk container arrives collapsed flat keeping freight and warehouse space minimized.  All parts for the assembly are nested inside the side spot as the sidewalls are connected to the base and the lid rests on top of the collapsed unit.

Empty plastic returnable totes stackedEmpty plastic returnable totes ready for return or warehouse storage

Easy four side assembly by 1 person locks the sidewalls together quickly.  One person can assemble the plastic storage container in less than 1 minute.  No pins, staples, glue, or tape required for assembly.  Less parts to assemble means quick and easy assembly by one person.

Liquid collapsible returnable totePlastic storage container easy assembly

Plastic liquid storage containerPlastic storage container assembled

Once assembled the plastic tote container is ready to receive the inner plastic bag liner.  All proper certifications are in place on the liquid bag liner insuring safe storage and transport every time.  Once filled, the plastic storage container can be stacked in a warehouse or cold storage up to 3 high.  You will always maximize outbound truck space and weight as each plastic returnable tote can hold 315 gallons within the 44" x 48" pallet footprint.  Sidewall height is 47" tall from the floor to the top of the container.  No wooden pallets are needed as the pallet is molded and part of the container already.  Only disposal is the liquid bulk liner as the whole container gets knocked down flat and returned for another cycle.  This completely eliminates cross contamination as a fresh liquid liner is used for each cycle.  This means a variety of products can be shipped and little waste water is used since the liquid liner is disposed of after being completely emptied.

Liquid liner filled in returnable plastic toteLiquid liner filled inside plastic returnable tote

For longer distance trips where return freight becomes too expensive, cardboard totes are a good alternative to consider.  Products like EZ-SET will get the job for long distance transport of your liquid products.

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