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What is an IBC liner?

ibc liner for liquid bulk containerIBC bulk container liner goes inside EZ-SET tote 

An IBC liner is also called an bulk container liner or liquid bulk liner.  A plastic liner is manufactured to fit the inside of a bulk liquid tote.  Liquid liners are used for the storage and transport of products. An IBC liner is commonly made from plastic resin having several layers of film.  The liquid liner is made to a variety of sizes to meet customer needs. 

Variety of Plastic Liner Sizes

A variety of fill and discharge fitment are also available.  Sizes can include 55 gallons up to 330 gallons.  Form fit liners and pillow liners are available depending on customer needs.  All plastic liners are made from FDA approved raw materials.  The IBC liner specifications include Interstate Milk Shippers approval, Kosher approval, and BRC approval.  Food safety requirements are all met and exceeded to meet various temperature or oxygen barrier needs as well.

How an IBC Liner Works

The IBC liner is used  inside bulk liquid totes for the transport of a variety of liquids.  Plastic liners save precious resources compared to bottle in a cage packaging.  The amount of resin used to make one bottle which holds 275 gallons will make 7 liners of equal size.  Each liquid bulk liner holds 275 gallons so that is a 7 to 1 source reduction.  This lowers carbon footprint makes liquid bulk liners source reductive compared to rigid bottle in a cage packaging.  The savings greatly reduces the environmental impact and disposal.  The plastic liner is made from recyclable material and the liquid bulk liner can be disposed of safely and efficiently. 

The plastic liner is easily installed into the EZ-SET bulk storage totes as shown below.   The liquid bulk liner is lightweight, clean, and helps eliminate contamination previously experienced with filling of drums of rigid totes..  The liquid bulk liner can be used with a wide variety of intermediate bulk containers.

ibc liner inside liquid storage totesFood grade liner installed into IBC liquid tote

For example, wine is oxygen sensitive and needs a high level of barrier protection.  The food grade plastic liner for wine would need high oxygen protection which can fit inside the EZ-SET liquid storage tote.  Other products have temperature requirements of hot or cold which can also be met.  If you hot fill your liner, let us know your needs and we are sure they can be achieved.  If you freeze your product for transport or storage we have the ability to meet those needs as well. 

ibc liner filling inside intermediate bulk containerLiquid liner secured with fill fixture ready to be filled

  Since plastic liners do not have air in them at the start of filling, you don't have to vent during the filling cycle so you can fill the food grade liner safely and greatly reduce the chance of contamination.  This allows your production team to deliver a higher quality finished product to your customers.  Storage or transport of intermediate bulk container with the use of an inner plastic liner is a proven solution for industrial markets and consumers for over 25 years.

ibc liner filled inside bulk liquid totesLiquid liner filled and sealed with 2" threaded food grade cap

Paper Systems has multiple IBC liners solutions in stock.  The most common plastic liner has a 2 inch fill fitment which is the exact same size as the opening on the top of a barrel.  If you can fill a 2 inch opening on a barrel, you can fill an IBC liner too.  We have multiple certifications including IMS Dairy, Kosher, and BRC certification as well.  We also have a variety of custom abilities as well to help meet our customer's needs. Learn more about liquid storage liners and liquid tote liners.

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