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What types of plastic packaging does Paper Systems use?

bulk liquid plastic packagingBulk liquid plastic packaging solution

Paper Systems’ bulk liquid packing solutions consist of a bag liner inside and a cardboard box outside. The combination of the two make for a durable bulk container solution for industrial markets.  The inner plastic packaging is made of a polyethylene blend of multiple layers of food grade films. The plastic bag liners are made from FDA approved materials. The plastic packaging of the food grade liners are IMS Dairy certified and Kosher approved.  With these multiple food safety certifications in place, you can rest assured the liquid packaging solution you choose from Paper Systems will be safe and secure for all of your needs. 

Paper Systems’ provides other plastic bag liners which meet different industrial  needs. Other liquid packaging solutions with inner plastic bag liners include nylon blends.  Call us to find out the necessary barrier required for your application.  We work closely with the customer to insure the application needs are met.  We go through a detailed process of proven success and years of experience to help make sure the solution is right the first time.  Paper Systems offers a wide variety of proven linear low-density plastic bag liners. The type of materials the plastic bag liner is made of depends on the oxygen vapor transfer and moisture vapor transfer rates the customer wants to achieve with their product. Another factor is whether the client needs liners that are light or oxygen sensitive as well.  No matter what the needs of the customer, Paper Systems will work as partners with the customer to insure the right solution is achieved for both today and the future. 

liquid bulk packagingLiquid bulk plastic packaging solution

Many companies are familiar with drums and steel totes.  Few have seen the benefits of the liquid packaging solutions manufactured by Paper Systems for over 25 years.  The benefits of a disposable and recyclable plastic bag liner and corrugated outer box have many benefits.  Several food customers want to be food safety compliant.  By using Paper Systems they make sure they are using BRC certified packaging in their processes.

The toughness and strength of the inner plastic bag liner is impressive.  Extensive lab testing is always part of the daily process to insure the highest quality and strength are maintained.  Every production run has been tested throughout to make sure the quality of all our bag liners is kept to the highest standard.  

Every plastic bag liner is logged and tracked by our BRC system.  We have printed production labels on each bag liner for tracking purposes.  All raw materials used to make the bag liners are recorded and attached to each order which ships out from Paper Systems.   We have certificate of conformance information available if a customer needs it for each shipment that leaves Paper Systems.  The EZ-SET containers also are printed with production info which is all recorded and kept for quality control.  

We always have stock on our floor for the most common industrial needs.  We have short lead times and we service all of the country within just a few days transit time.  Paper Systems can service all of the country with efficient response via LTL or truck load.  Contact Paper Systems to learn more about our liquid packaging solutions.

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