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EXO-BIN® Returnable Liquid Bin

Meet the EXO-BIN — the perfect intermediate bulk container for liquids or dry...

Why is packaging design important for shipping liquids?

packaging design creates reliable liquid bulk totesStrong design and proven results for liquid bulk tote shipments

Packaging design is vital for shipping liquids because you deal with severe liquid hydraulics when transporting. When the liquid is being shipped, the liquid shifts with every turn of the vehicle and every bump in the road. With poor packaging design, trauma and damage can occur in transit leading to delays in the delivery of your products.

The process Paper Systems uses to ensure your liquid goods are safe

Paper Systems has over 30 years of experience with packaging design for shipping liquids. We approach the customer and partner with them to determine their needs. With our proven testing protocols and our decades of proven results, we know how liquids behave in transit. We test our package design for a variety of transport scenarios.  We use third party laboratories to verify the safe transport of your products. We insure that your product is safely transported.  Paper Systems always makes the packaging design heavier and stronger than it needs to be.  We take our package design with sincere focus at Paper Systems to make sure your products arrive safely every time.

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